"A curated repository for audio storytelling."

What is Sounddawg all about?

The name was inspired by the acronym for Digital Audio Workstation—DAW. It is the principal means of audio content production by today’s generation of radio journalists, storytellers and podcasters.

SOUNDDAWG.com is a personal celebration of and a curated repository for storytelling through sound. It’s dedicated to storytelling without the audiences’ experience being bound to and constrained by a visual representation of the subject.  It is a form of storytelling that conveys the experience through our ears rather than our eyes. It’s about the mind’s eye…a virtual, subjective soundstage onto which listeners arrive bringing their own visuals.

It’s also dedicated to those who were among the pioneers in crafting radio stories emphasizing sound, an art seldom explored before the introduction of high fidelity stereophonic sound and high definition FM radio signals and receivers. Among these pioneers are a few dear friends who led the way: Josh Darsa of National Public Radio, Carolyn Jensen Chadwick of NPR and Radio Expeditions and Peter Leonard Braun of Sender Fries Berlin (Radio Free Berlin), the founding master of the acoustic feature in European radio—and the inspiration for me and many aspiring radio producers in America.

Carolyn and Josh are no longer among us. They are sorely missed.

If you rummage around here, you’ll find an homage to my old friends. You’ll also encounter some recently found, restored and digitized long-form radio stories that were produced just as AM radio was starting to fade away and FM, with its high fidelity stereo signal, was starting to change the very nature of radio news and public affairs.

You’ll also find some new work and links to other sites where a new generation of radio storyteller/producers are pursuing their passion for sound.

That’s what this is about.