"...the kind of things that often go unnoticed."

The "near-field" S-Logs...

What was once only a figment of my imagination has now taken shape.  

After a long hiatus exploring the world of business communications, I’ve found my way home. There is nothing I’ve loved more than my years crafting stories with sound.

So, among other things, this site is a place to display some of my recent audio explorations using narrative, interviews, high fidelity digital field recordings, a bit of music and a few personal musings. Much of my new work is in a relatively short form. Short pieces told as Kurt Vonnegut might have told them, stories about daily life re-examined…but with sound.

I’m calling them Near-field S-LOGS (tm). If you’re a quick wit, you’ll divine that part of it stands for Sound LOGs, slogs you might say.

The term “near-field” has to do with the subject matter: things within my immediate field of view. No soaring crusades. Just the kind of things near all of us but that often go unnoticed…or ignored. Some of the work is a bit like personal audio letters from me to you about what I can see and hear in my woefully limited field of vision–things that make a difference to me, and maybe you.

This new catalog of work has been growing over the last couple of years.

As time passes, you’ll find more S-LOGs and a few other audio storytelling projects as well, including some longer and very short form pieces…all of it for your acoustic consideration.

To find them, click on the S-Log Stories tab or here, then take your pick.

If you like what you hear, feel free to send me a note of encouragement; use the contact page or mail it in on the back of a ten, uh, twenty dollar bill…